US Locker Room is the home of US sports clothing in the UK and that’s why we offer a huge range of products for all teams across the ‘big 4’ US sports.

When you think about the history of the NFL, one of the names that immediately springs to mind is the Green Bay Packers. Despite being the smallest city in North America with a professional sports team, it has one of the largest and most loyal followings – one which spreads across the world. The Packers’ success vastly outweighs the stature of Green Bay with its four Super Bowl wins and nine pre-merger championships leading it to be referred to by locals as Titletown and the Packers’ ‘G’ logo even appears on the official city seal. Green Bay has a history of big name quarterbacks, from Bart Starr to Brett Favre, with the mantle now taken by future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

We offer a wide range of products for Cheeseheads everywhere, including jerseys, caps, hoodies and much more.

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